Fido the Zombie Film with Heart

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I watched this movie last week while studying for exams and writing papers. It was sort of on in the background but soon I found myself peering out of the corner of my eye at the screen as the film is a strange mix between a stepford society, a classic boy and his dog film, as well an apocalyptic world overun with zombies. Apparently after many issues with zombies the humans developed a collar that would keep these undead in check domesticating them. Strangely everyone in the community has at least one of their own zombies, to help in the kitchen or in the yard. But the family that the story revolves around are not comfortable with this stepford society and they grow attached to their zombie covering up his indiscretions of snacking on the old lady across the street. Timmy names his zombie fido and they go to the park and play ball, as well as washing their dads car together its a joyous heartfelt story about a loner boy and his one companion. A ZOMBIE!!! No way, how can we be rooting for zombies want to see regular people eaten and a zombie survived everything we have seen up until this point has told us zombies are the bad guys and that we have to beware of them.


Oh and by the way this is a canadian film, yeah thats right home grown entertainment for the whole… I mean part of the family, the mature part of the family.

Translation: there is life after death


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