Tim Burton Sucks

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

ok now that I have your attention I must apologize for the title Tim Burton doesn’t suck, I love almost all his movies but I did just recently rewatch most of the planet of the apes series and althought some of the sequels are in many ways rediculous the original holds its own a beutiful masterpiece of science fiction. The story has all the elements of a good movie, Charlton Heston, Charlton Heston, Charlton Heston. Just kidding he may be a hinderance to the film in my mind as he is bulky and portrays little emotion. What the film does have is intrique, mystery, and a beutiful type of role reversal that puts our regular norms upside down on their head. It was recently pointed out to me that in many ways the planet of the apes is a social commentary about the treatment of other races and species in history. In the planet of the apes the humans are treated like the apes of our time, as test subjects for labs. in opposition conquest of the Planet of the Apes is a look at the society where the apes are used as servants. In many ways the apes in this film resemble the poor treatment of african americans regarding them as lower class slaves who would work for the white people.

In getting back to Burton his remake of the film trys to give a new twist to an old film. Burton’s remake is gritty and unsophisticated in the original the apes seemed to have a civilised culture but Burtons portrays the apes society in a much more primitive and barbaric way looking at the apes and giving them the appearance as though they are from a sort of medieval society. What the hero Mark Wahlberg comes to learn in the climactic ending is that his ship has acctually crash landed on the planet as well but both him and his ship entered time warp one of which sent the ship back much farther than walberg and he discovers that this is where the apes actually originated, from his own ship where they were testing apes.

Wahlberg then finds a way to zip himself back into the future home to earth where he is horrified to find that his actions have changed the course of history creating a new world where apes rule the earth. Amazing or grabage. In many ways this was Burtons attempt to creat a new twist on the iconic statue of liberty decaying on the beach in the original film version, but was it effective or was Burton trying to hard. I believe he needed to reevaluate step back a nd let the film stand as a great piece of film. If he was going to change the film I think he should have removed his plot much farther from the original story and tried a different tack not just a cheesy half cocked gag filled rendition.

maybe something like


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