Thinking about the apocalypse on a different level

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized


When considering what approach I should take to writing my essay for the second paper I had an idea I pitched to a friend in the class who choose to try something different so I thought why not get my idea out there at least in a blog post in order to express this (at least in my opinion) interesting way of examining apocalyptic fiction. I was considering what makes apocalyptic fiction apocalyptic and in many ways its not necessarily the death of people instead its a crumbling of society as it had been prior to that point in time. In this mind frame the possibility of what can be considered apocalyptic is opened greatly. The series that came to mind and in many ways struck me dumbfounded was J.K Rowlings Harry Potter series. Throughout the series following Harry potter from his younger years to adulthood we see the growing threat posed by Voldemort, although we don’t see a wide spread epidemic, or an extraterresterial meteor, we do however see the possibility of society crumbling. In the 6th and 7th novels there seems to be a great upheavel as gobal society feels the effects of Voldemort’s rise to power. he infects the society in all aspects and levels even changing the wheather and through the use of dementors taking the joy out of life. Is this not an apocalypse in the sense of the word. I propose a definition of apocalypse, as something that effects the world globally that causes a vast and all encompassing change in society.

In many ways the fear, the corruption, the deaths, and the fight for hope and survival, pitting good against evil in a battle for the world as they know it. These aspects are what makes the Harry Potter series as valid subject in the context of the apocalyptic genre of fiction


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