Mens facial hair is a visual representation of masculinity and in many cases heroism

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

In lieu of the conversation in class I thought that I could adress the issue of Movember and moustaches in the context of our apocalyptic film and fiction class. Men’s facial hair has become synonomous with heroics. Beards and moustaches are in many ways a sign of manliness and make sure that audiences understand that the character means business. In the apocalyptic tradition the characters find it difficult to remain clean shaven and beards become a more normalized occurence yet we as a population still see these rugged manly types as a different breed that is manly and unrelenting.

I have compiled several different examples apocalyptic facial hair most of which are moustaches that are very impresive considering some may not have had access to razors for quite some time

John Conner – Terminator Salvation

Ving Rhames in the new rendition of Dawn of the Dead

Denzel’s scruffy beard from the Book of Eli

Of course the nice Mo worn by Vincent Price in the Last Man on Earth

In order to drive this point home its important to look at the satire of the genre Zombieland as the two main characters are opposed one as whimpy and the other as rugged. It appears that the Whimpy character is unable to grow any sort of moustache in opposition to the rugged cowboy type character who sports a manly scruff.

I myself will be participating in this months charity to raise awareness for men’s health and raise money for Prostate Cancer Research by joining the movember campaign.

If anyone would like to follow my campaign they can visit my website at


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