Party Rocking Zombie Style

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I watched this music video today and automatically my thoughts turned to our class. This is one of the most popular songs currently and even it subscribes to the apoocalyptic pop culture of the day. As I’m sure you can see the video begins with a sort of spoof of the many zombie films including that of the popular tv series “The Walking Dead”.

Just as an amusing atidote I noticed in the later part of the song when the female singer is present I noticed that her costume (corset) appears to make it difficult to bend in many directions. everyone else is “shuffling” and she is merely shaking her hips.

Anyone reminded of thriller?

  1. Miriam Jones says:

    As zombies go, that bunch seems pretty friendly.

  2. “I don’t got time for your demo homie” hahahaaaa

    also. how did they turn the robot into a zombie too!?!

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