Earth Abides

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Looking back on Earth Abides I felt as though it was a look at the slight affect that we as a race have had on the planet that even without our presence the earth will continue on as it always has despite the changes and efforts that the human race have upon it. Earth abides is really not about the people but about the enduring quality that the Earth has as it surpasses the limits and bounds of human civilisation. As our narrator notes that in only a short time the boat that lays ashore will in fact disapear and in time signs of the human race will fade into non existance and oblivion. I really thought that this approach to apocalyptic ficton is rather interesting, I do however think it would be even more interesting to see what the author would say about the Earths state of affairs in todays society of dwindling rescources and natural disaster would he still carry the notion the Earth will still abide or has man pushed the envelope to far have we poluted to much the without mans intervention our planet will come to a demise. Maybe this question is slightly morbid but so is the subject matter so I post this post anyway because I think its an interesting thing to ponder.

  1. Miriam Jones says:

    Yes, you have put your finger on an important difference between the mid-twentieth century and now. Now, may ecologists think we are close to, if not past, the point of no return.

  2. Jon Bruce says:

    Whether or not humanity ceases to exist, earth will continue to go on. I always wonder how Ish’s followers will get by in the wake of his passing; they will either flourish or bring themselves to ruin once again.

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