New to blogging

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I have never had a blog before and I’m new to this whole phenomena, but I feel as though I should first explain the address for my site. It is a quotation taken from one of my favorite apocalyptic science fiction films. I saw this movie when it was brand new on the shelves. “12 Monkeys” starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis, follows the story of a “volunteer” living in a fallout shelter under a major city in America. The heads of their society decide to send him back in time to help gather information to try and put a stop to the oncoming spread of a global killing virus that will wipe the world clean of human life. What I liked most about this movie is the surprise plot twists and the quality of the actors dynamics together as Bruce Willis plays a gruff sort of string character coping with the shock of time travel and Brad pitt assumes the role of a higly irregular and eccentric mental patient whos all time goal seems to be upsetting his rich father.

  1. Miriam Jones says:

    Did you ever see William Shatner’s spoof of Twelve Monkeys? Brilliant.

  2. foolish name for a blog. love it

  3. Miriam Jones says:

    Okay, lost it there for a moment. The Shatner parody is of Seven, not Twelve Monkeys. All those numbers, plus Brad Pitt: I got confused.

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